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multiBIND biotec GmbH

multiBIND develops innovative solutions for decontamination and disinfection. bioDECONT is a new solvent system for treating surfaces and equipment in laboratories, industrial companies and hospitals. bioDECONT is effective as a single agent ... read more

The Task

Overview of the application areas

Due to the increasing demand for customised solution approaches for problems caused by microorganisms in industry, multiBIND provides ... read more

The Solution

The Cleaning Power of Nature

bioDECONT is a new generation of biological decontamination agents based on completely harmless substances ...

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Are you are a manufacturer and/or distribution company and can imagine that bioDECONT could help you to functionalize your product and thus generate an added value which also enables you to access new markets?

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The only reliable solution against DNA, RNA contaminations and unwanted Horizontal Gene Transfer


bioDECONT is the only reliable solution against all problems associated with Horizontal Gene Transfer. bioDECONT defines a new bio-safety standard for food production, industrial applications, clinics, etc. for risk management concerning unwanted nuclic acid contamination ...

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If you have any questions and/or problems concerning your water, tap water and process water, cooling lubricants or other aqueous solutions, multiBIND is able to produce complex and detailed, new types of and meaningful analyses for you using its laboratory.

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