The Solution

bioDECONT the only reliable solution against DNA, RNA
and unwanted Horizontal Gene Transfer


bioDECONT is the only reliable solution against all problems associated with Horizontal gene Transfer (Transformation, Conjugation, Transduction). bioDECONT defines a new bio-safety standard for foodstuff production, industrial applications, clinics, etc. for risk management concerning unwanted nucleic acid contaminations (DN/RNA).

multiBIND has several years of experiance in analysis of all kind of problems concerning nucleic acid contaminations. During this time multiBIND developed special analytic tools and protocols to determine the efficacy of nucleic acid degradation of decontamination solutions and measures.

The special expertise and know-how as well as the state-of-the-art in practical approaches was summarized by multiBIND in a new, unique booklet for all problems associated with nucleic acid decontamination.

- "Nucleic Acid Decontamination - a practical approach" ( mB-D100)

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