The Solution

Bioactive Surface


AgXX® was developed as a completely new, innovative bioactive surface for antimicrobial decontamination of aqueous solutions.

Application of AgXX® technology in industrial projects has already been done successfully in many different companies for antimicrobial decontamination of cooling lubricants as well as cooling water and process water. In the form of a contact catalyst AgXX® has meanwhile been used in newly developed reactors, cartridges and filter modules for more than 4 years in all kind of industrial applications. A major focus is the conservation of cooling lubricants in metal working fluids and cooling water in industrial systems.

AgXX® works without any release of critical substances into the aqueous solution and therefore is not harmful for humans. This feature allows new applications for pharmacy, foodstuff, biomedicine and drinking water. Currently AgXX® is adapted in pharma applications for conservation of eye drops, to protect implants and in urology.

The special characteristics of AgXX® make it resistant against all kind of chemical agents in industry and especially against all kind of sulfur components that are normally critical for conventional silver.

AgXX® does not need any kind of extensive services and maintenance and cleaning and regeneration is easy.

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