The Solution



Clean Extract is an analytical tool for the fast determination of microbial ATP in lubricants, oil emulsions, turbid fluids, metal working fluids, paint and other problematic solutions.

Specific microorganisms like bacteria and filamentous fungi are able to grow in oil emulsions, lubricants and biocide-containing liquids thereby the liquids and their physical properties are severely damaged. This results in corrosion, destruction and blockage of machinery, pumps, filters and other industrial equipment. So far, the detection of these microorganisms is done by conventional cultivation on specific growth media. In this way it takes 2 to 5 days to get a first result. A fast and appropriate reaction against microbial problems is often not possible under these conditions.

The new CleanExtract test kit allows the basic identification of a microbial-related problem in minutes and directly at the industrial location. Like all living organisms also bacteria and fungi contain the universal molecule ATP (Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate). The microbial ATP is determined and quantified in a fast analysis. In a first step a new, specific lyses reagent releases all microbial ATP from the microorganisms. In a second step the microbial ATP is extracted from the inhibiting solutions with biocides, oil or other chemicals into the clean aqueous phase of a 2-phase system. The clear phase generates a sample that can now be measured in an enzymatic reaction with luciferase. Luciferase reacts with ATP to emit light signals that can be quantified as RLU (Relative Light Units). RLUs are thereby proportional to the number of ATP-containing microorganisms.