The Solution



Are you are a manufacturer and/or distribution company and can imagine that bioDECONT could help you to functionalise your product and thus generate an added value which also enables you to access new markets?

Step 1

Definition of the requirements and the application area, supported by potential market information. Basically, there are hardly any application areas and applications where bioDECONT could not be used.

Step 2

Define contractual agreements for a specific feasibility study.

Step 3

The effectiveness or functionality of bioDECONT is checked for your specific application area using (internal) tests. We can carry out basic contamination tests for bacteria, viruses and fungi in our laboratories in Cologne. If required, these data will be validated afterwards by independent and accredited external test laboratories using the corresponding standards.

Step 4

Licence agreement preparation – we believe that we will be able to come to an agreement!

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